Sales Support Manager

Sales Support Manager

Job description 
•    To supervise the customer service and sales support team 
•    Build client relationships and accurately process orders and special requests, with the aim of keeping customers satisfied. On a mission to quickly and smoothly solve customer requests, you represent a crucial link between Customers, Operations and Sales Teams and will instigate root-cause investigations to ensure customer needs are met efficiently 
•    To oversee the daily operations of a Customer Service Team for site, category or business team
•    To manage sales order process from receipt of order through to shipment
•    To resolve issues and handle customer complaints internally and externally
•    To day to day communication with Customers, Operations and smoothly support to Sales team
•    To Support Customer Service team for escalation of problem resolution, complaints, and prioritization
•    Understand the clearance process and dealing with government process smoothly for guiding the customer service and sales support team.
•    Must have service mind and management skill 
•    Endure to tough job and have initiative for problem-solving 


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