HR & GA Manager

HR & GA Manager


•    Responsible for full spectrum of HR & GA functions; lead the organization’s HR & GA strategies and operation (planning, implementing, evaluating).
•    Responsible for the employee recruitment, orientation, performance evaluation, compensation & welfare structure, training & development, employee and labor relations, appraisals and legal compliance. 
•    Handling all payroll and deductions process, health insurance, annual physical checkup, social security, provident fund, employee database management, time attendance to ensure it is updated.
•    Be able to set, review, analyze 
and up-to-date HR agreements, regulations, employee handbook from the ground up which comply with the law and communicate to employees on policy related issues.
•    Responsible for Visa & Work Permit, 90 days notification, Petty Cash & Budget, Purchase, office management.
•    Manage office operations by managing the company’s asset, car, supplies and facilities and providing the monthly report to a superior.
•    Supporting Japanese executives for welfare matter, air ticket & hotel reservation.
•    Regularly track and report, provide professional consultation on key HR & GA issues to line management executives.
•    Perform other related duties as assigned


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